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Vonage gets a Wall Street lift for working on an iPhone app?

Posted on: August 27, 2009

Apparently, someone or someones is interested in pumping Vonage stock this week.   Or it may be some people are drinking the Kool-Aid because the stock has gone from under 50 cents a share to over $2 bucks in a weeks time. That whole 300 percent lift gets stock gurus all hot and sweaty…

Frost & Sullivan has some bizarre theory that Vonage is getting a lift from all the talk around Google Voice stimulating more interest in VoIP and therefore more interest in acquiring the company blah-blah…

I could see where an acquirer might be interested in Vonage since the company has cleaned up its act and tightened its belt.   Best Buy would be an interesting purchaser since they could clean house of Vonage’s expensive marketing department and integrate Vonage marketing into its promotional juggernaut.  Best Buy would get another service business – monthly recurring revenue good to smooth out peaks and valleys of consumer biz.  But, Best Buy would end up with a “competitor” to ooma and phone service offerings,  so that makes the idea a bit more blue sky.

Still, just because Vonage has submitted an iPhone app for sale in the iStore doesn’t mean everyone should get all excited. Apple is still trying to work out its story regarding Google Voice and we all know how that’s going…


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