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A busy morning following Jeff Pulver

Posted on: July 14, 2009

The day started at 8 AM at the Old Ebbett Grill, the first of Jeff Pulver’s stops for his whirlwind tour of Washington D.C. as he promotes HD voice.

About 24 to 26 people showed up for breakfast, a combination of people who wanted to learn more about HD voice and those who wanted to *ahem* talk about Jeff’s other passion these days, the #140 Character conferences.

From there, Jeff dashed across town to the Embassy of Ireland and a discussion with an official there about the goodness of HD and efforts to get a HD hotline started between the United States and another countries.  The official is part of a telecom working group of Embassy Row attaches and he is curious as to where his peers and their countries stand.

Another cab ride and a brownbag lunch HD voice discussion sponsored by Mintz Levin at 701 Pennsylvania Avenue. Jeff believes that HD voice will be able to bring back value and revenue to the telephone companies — value that was lost and squeezed out when vanilla VoIP came along.

Random data point: Nearly all of the 18 lawyers and policy wonks here — including the gray-haired ones — are on Twitter and Facebook.

After lunch, it’s off to meetings at PBS, Gannett, and a dinner of some sort.


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