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Monday morning and the disconnect between Verizon repair and Verizon call center — again

Posted on: July 13, 2009

At 9:48 AM, I received a call from a Verizon call center in Virginia, telling me that my landline service was fixed and if I had any questions or other problems, please feel free to call. This message was read by a human being working through a script.

Meanwhile,  there’s a Verizon truck parked outside,  a backhoe across the street near the above ground distribution box, and a Verizon tech and two contractors plugging in wonderful boxes to locate where exactly the line break is (hopefully not under the asphalt, please). The tech has already worked up a heavy sweat and I don’t envy his labor today.

Note to Verizon: This is the second time where I’ve got a rote call center call TELLING ME THE CIRCUIT IS FIXED WHEN A TECH IS STANDING OUTSIDE TRYING TO REPAIR IT.

Honestly, once may be bad luck and/or human error, twice indicates that the processes and the procedures are broken and need to be fixed.

It would be to laugh, if it wasn’t costing you money and goodwill.


Now we await Miss Utility before the digging starts, I think…

Previous postings in this saga of repair, in chronological order–

Tuesday, July 8

Verizon wireline’s 7 day service window – I’m told that someone might not look at the dead phone line until Monday, July 7

Friday, July 10

Virginia PUC responds faster than Verizon landline repair –  File a complaint only with the Virginia SCC (PUC)

Virginia PUC motivates Verizon repair for landline and other mysteries – Tech comes out, declares line dead, need new copper

Saturday, July 11

Verizon Repair fiasco continues… – Verizon call center droid says service is restored, unplug my phones, plug back in, should have dialtone

Straight talk from a Verizon supervisor… – Tech working on my line calls me back, tells me call center is wrong, didn’t read trouble ticket

More repair activity from Verizon this Saturday – Tech comes out, jury-rig a NID-to-NID connection for dial tone.

Sunday, July 12

Verizon repair Sunday phone call – Richmond supervisor calls to discuss activities


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