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Belkin Gigabit powerline network adapter – Tech support lame

Posted on: July 10, 2009

I bit the bullet yesterday and upgraded the firmware on my Belkin gigabit powerline adapters.

Now, I’m not quite sure what it fixes, because Belkin’s support page doesn’t say and the firmware upgrade is labeled beta.  I emailed an inquiry earlier this week to Belkin tech support– it’s been at least a couple of days — and haven’t heard back.   So, no joy there.

Running the upgrade on my set of adapters doesn’t tell you much.  During the process, you get a Jah-Jah Binks written warning: “Please, don’t remove neither the ethernet cable or power supply.”   Firmware version listed before upgrade is 22058.  After completion, 22207.

Initial results to date on the upgrade have been disappointing, with a lot of power cycling of devices, but I’ll see how it goes throughout the day.

And P.S. – There’s no option to roll back to the earlier firmware version, so you’re stuck if you upgrade to the beta.

One observation I’d like get confirmation on: It appears the Belkin gigabit powerline network adapter and the Netgear 85 Mbps powerline bridge don’t play well together.  Having both devices on the same home wiring seems to cause mutual assured soft failure, rather than both of them defaulting back to the standard 14 Mbps speed.


2 Responses to "Belkin Gigabit powerline network adapter – Tech support lame"

[…] real world terms, this is water under the bridge, I installed the beta-labeled firmware a couple of days after sending the email to Belkin tech support, but haven’t had a chance to […]

I haven’t installed the beta firmware, but I’m getting disconnects every few hours or days. I live in a house that was built within the last 3 years so I don’t think the wiring is to blame.

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