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Comcast goes cheap voice – announces international bundle

Posted on: June 25, 2009

Deja cheap minutes! Comcast has jumped onto the how-low-can-you-go bandwagon, announcing a bundle of 300 anytime international minutes for a flat fee of $15 (well, $14.95 per month.  This fits in with the preaching I did late yesterday about vanilla voice minutes and this morning’s manifesto about the third wave of voice communications being HD.

Comcast says the WorldWide plan for its digital voice service could save consumers 20 to 30 percent when compared to traditional phone service plans, and encompasses–

  • 41 countries in Europe
  • 26 countries in the Caribbean, Central and South America
  • 20 countries in Asia and the Pacific
  • 8 countries in the Middle East
  • 5 countries in Africa

You can find a complete list of all the countries included over at

My quickie math works out to a price of 6.7 cents per minute; overages will be billed at “standard international rates,” whatever that translates to.  Six hours of calling around the globe will be attractive to a lot of people, and a headache to some.

One of my buddies from way-back was bemoaning the fact his mother-in-law had discovered VoIP service, so she’d call at 2:30 AM (local Eastern Time), talk for an hour at a time.  Last I heard, he was looking for was to selective degrade his broadband connection when she called to wrap up the conversation faster.


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