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Fonality’s Fight Club, Digium’s Flight Club

Posted on: June 24, 2009

On June 27, Fonality starts the first round of its mixed martial arts (MMA) style “Fight club” rounds.  Chris Lyman, you need to cut back on the Red Bull, brother!

They call it Fonality Fight Club. As a stunt, invitation to hit the boss, and/or stress relief, 17 Fonality staff members, will “with no previous fighting experience, will be getting into a ring and attempting to knock out or submit each other in a UFC-style MMA tournament.”   Up on the website, you can find more details, including videos, lightweight and middleweight brackets, and there’s a Twitter feed buried in there to boot.

Lyman is a big MMA fan, if memory serves.  And somehow, I could see one of Chris’s underlings getting him to “tap out” in a cage… and still have a job the next day 🙂

More seriously, I don’t know if this is crazy or crazy like a fox.  MMA is popular among the *ahem* 18-34 demographic.  But then, people buying Fonality products probably fit more into the NASCAR demographic than the anything else.  I suppose if Chris was really serious, he’d have the championship rounds on the floor of IT EXPO, add some real excitement to the next TMC trade show.

And what do they do for fun down in Huntsville?  I suspect it is called the Digium FLIGHT club.  CEO Danny Windham and CTO Mark Spencer are avid pilots.  And both of them are too mellow to hop into a cage and physically beat the hell out of someone.


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