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Sipgate promises free calls – and what else is new?

Posted on: June 2, 2009

Sipgate promises free phone calls. The media blindly froths at the mouth. Can’t anyone look at a press release skeptically these days?

Anyone claiming that they have the ability to replace most of the nation’s 100 million landlines with a free service can’t be taken seriously. I mean, this is what Skype is all about with its 400 million registered users, this is what cellular phones have already done, this is what ooma plans to do with a real working business model, so what makes sipgate so special unlike all the other mobile/social community/all-in-one VoIP plays that have come and gone.

Free phone number, no setup, no monthly charges? Hey, AOL, been there, done that, exited the business.  Same with United Online.

GoogleVoice does it, but I could argue that GV shows up once a year to look at its shadow and then goes back into hibernation.

Digging through the press release further, VoIP calls are free, receiving inbound calls on the free U.S. phone number sipgate coes up with are free, but calls to the U.S. and Canada get billed out at 1.9 cents per minute. So it isn’t “free.”  But it must be a slow news day, because this ain’t anything new.

Web-based dialing? C’mon, I have lost count of people managing phone calls with web based interfaces.

About the only gee-whiz features sipgate seems to have tagged on is a *6 feature to record phone conversations and customization of voicemail via MP3 upload.

Yup, I’m still not feeling all the glory here.

Sipgate is also promising a SMB multi-user offering that sounds strangely like hosted VoIP. Now, just how many people do that?


2 Responses to "Sipgate promises free calls – and what else is new?"

1.9¢ is OK, if you get what you pay for. (I know a lot of really really crappy VoIP services that charge a quarter of that, but where you don’t understand the guy on the other side.)

And a free additional line is great in my eyes.

AFAIK isn’t Google Voice accepting new customers right now, and is NOT offering a VoIP service.

GV is supposedly inviting people from its queue into the service. I’m waiting to see when my invite drops…

Is it “VoIP”? Well, it has a component for sure, with the international calls at “rates cheaper than Skype…”

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