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What’s happening to Microsoft Response Point?

Posted on: May 10, 2009

When the axe came down at Microsoft last week, the Response Point small business phone team took a hit. How fatal it is to the business and new product releases is up for debate amongst the peanut gallery.

Whispers of Response Point’s demise started out from an anonymous post on a blog tracking Microsoft layoffs saying that the entire Response Point team had been “canned.”  Microsoft begs to differ and ZDNet quotes a company spokesperson saying—

  • Microsoft continues to support Response Point version 1.0. and current OEMs, service providers and resellers that are selling it. Customers will continue to be supported through their OEMs.
  • Microsoft will continue to promote the product online and spotlight compatible 3rd party services and add-on products.
  • The Response Point team has not been moved to another division and
  • The team is evaluating the strategy for the next version of the product and will continue to investigate the opportunity in the small business market.

Response Point has been kicking around since October 2007 and the IP PBX is targeted at SMBs with one to 50 phones.  SP2 — the latest release — included support for basic call queuing, better SIP trunking, and, VPN support, an automated night receptionist scheduler, and URL/HTML customization for web 2.0/mash-up style creations.

Around IT Expo in February, the Response Point “team” numbered a lean-mean 35 members. No indications on how many people got the axe last week or how many remain.

Shoutout to Bill Miller for the Tweet
Sources: Microsoft Response Point blog and ZDNet’s blog.


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